I can safely say I’ve never had more stories with any one individual. It’s hard to keep this entry from becoming a novel. Thankfully the Fireworks, the night with Jon and the tranny from New York are all already in their appropriate entries, which helps to cut it down a little. Nolan I were never best friends, but we damn sure relied on each other often, and thusly had many adventures together. We will most likely continue to have adventures for the rest of our days. I suppose the best of the stories was also the most recent.

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It’s hard not to say Kevin’s last name. I’m almost afraid to write such a piece out of fear that he may come after me for outing him as the single greatest warrior ever to bless this Earth with his presence. I kid, of course, but that has always been how the Great Kevin started. I met him during college, and my jaw dropped when I found out he was the better part of a decade older than me, or is it I? Either way, somehow Kevin became the person we put on a pedestal. Patrick, Tyler, Scott and myself seemed to love to treat Kevin like the modern day Chuck Norris. I believe it had something to do with his refusal to take the title. Anyone refusing such an honor absolutely must deserve it. Tyler and Scott came up with the Kevin Klap.
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Chad T…

Chad was a wild one. His stories rivaled my own. And I thought Spoons was bad. Chad was like an angel who swooped down just in time while we were in the middle of casting for the indie film that never was. A character plagued us. We couldn’t find a Tyler. Tyler was a character who was foul mouthed, disgusting and downright as rude as can be. Everyone who came in held back, or just simply didn’t make the cut. Then one night, while at a party for one of Dalton’s friends, a man entered carrying a cardboard cutout of Paul Giamatti. Where he got it, I didn’t care. He had a lord of the rings tattoo on his arm. This man was Chad. I listened to him tell disgusting stories all night that included way too much menstrual blood, magnets clamping testicles, and everything in between. It was great. This guy was Tyler.
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Matt I…

Matt may have been my first friend. Unfortunately he was also my first enemy. For some strange reason we bounced back and forth all throughout day care. Playground tussles one day, sleepovers at his farm the next. The pendulum settled eventually when I got my first official job at Sonic. This was after I had completely altered my personality from my freshman year. No one knew the new me, and Sonic was the high school job to have. All the cool kids worked there, including Matt.
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I went to college with Jon. He hated me during Full Sail. No surprise. I never question why someone hates me. I can be that kind of guy a lot. However, when I returned to Florida after my NYC failure, he decided to give me a second chance, and apparently shaking Misty’s dead weight off my shoulders made me a more likeable dude. I could still be an asshole, but the good kind, if there was such a thing. Jon and myself engaged in several drinking escapades in Downtown Orlando. Every other weekend I was there, and we had some fun, and we had some disasters. Fun times included getting attractive fruit loop liquor girls to donate their rainbow tall hat to me, others ended in Chinese food at the same place when all the bars shut down, and lest we forget the morning trips to Starbucks where Jon and I had a coffee and reran the night’s adventures. The disasters…well, the disasters were indeed disastrous: One of which being among the first few nights of my return to Florida.
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