Matt I…

Matt may have been my first friend. Unfortunately he was also my first enemy. For some strange reason we bounced back and forth all throughout day care. Playground tussles one day, sleepovers at his farm the next. The pendulum settled eventually when I got my first official job at Sonic. This was after I had completely altered my personality from my freshman year. No one knew the new me, and Sonic was the high school job to have. All the cool kids worked there, including Matt.
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I’ve known Rob for longer than I can remember. Literally. He’s told me before how he made fun of me in 8th grade and felt terrible about it ever since. You’d think he was in the middle of a 12-step program, because I had no recollection of such an event, which made it easy to shrug it off and claim that I probably deserved it.

Rob and I didn’t talk much in High School. He was just some guy who was around. It wasn’t until I hung out with him and Nick on one of my last nights in Kansas that we cosmically locked ourselves together. I told him to let me know if he ever visited Florida and needed a place to crash. I didn’t mean it, not in the sense that I wouldn’t have let him, but more in the sense that I didn’t think he would ever take me up on the offer. Low and behold, sitting in class one way too warm November morning I received a text from the aforementioned acquaintance who was a soon-to-be friend.
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Nick and I used to be enemies back in middle school when nothing mattered. We grew up quickly, though, and by the time high school rolled around we were friends, discussing random topics way beyond our age such as religion and politics, both of which we could not have been more opposite on. He was a religious republican and I was a libertarian atheist. He’s changed since then.

I haven’t.
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I used to fuck around on dating websites. My constant traveling left me in towns where I knew no one and, thusly, the profile went up and the search began for some late night company. I was a broken man, and a relationship was the last thing I wanted. However, I still had needs to satisfy, but I wasn’t an asshole about it. I was open and honest on my profile, stating I didn’t want a relationship and that I was just looking for someone to go out with on occasion. I had also been very unexperienced. Dating Misty for seven years left me with knowing next to nothing in the variety of women that can be encountered and what they offer in the bedroom. I got bored quickly with the online dating scene, and found myself sending out various joke messages, equally to women who stated they weren’t looking for anything serious. I stumbled across this one girl who looked as if she was a bot (fake profile designed to get you to join some site with a credit card) and sent her a message saying “Wanna bang?”

The response was almost immediate: “Yeah!”

Broken men always attract broken women.
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How did I meet Morgan? I suppose a better question would be how does anyone “meet” Morgan? I think it’s just something that happens one day, and you realize that this very interesting character has come into your life and that’s probably fine. Morgan and I hung out sporadically during our film school years. He was always more busy than I. When I lived in New York he stayed in Florida, moving further south to work at HSN. As my New York years got the better of me and I found myself retreating back to the swamp lands once more I contacted Morgan. I had quite the tale to tell him, involving Misty, Valerie, Chris, among many, many other things.

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What can I say about this mountain of a man? He’s simply the best. I was lucky enough to stumble, drunkenly, into Dalton’s life when Chad and I were setting out to make a childish attempt at independent film. Dalton was someone Chad had met through his various plays and came with recommendation to be our DP. I was skeptical, but I’ve never been more wrong. Dalton’s knowledge of cameras, lights and framing was incredible. He knew what I wanted without me having to even say anything. Our discussions of shots and setups required less words than the Fuck scene with Bunk and Mcnulty.
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When I try to think back to the first time I ever saw Joe, I always go back to this moment in middle school when I was walking home late one day, and as I passed his house I saw him, his mother, and his brother Nolan stepping out of their car. They were muddy and one of them held a soccer ball under his arm. I didn’t know them yet, but something drew my attention to them. It was like I had some sort of psychic ability to know that these two individuals would become two of my best friends for the rest of my days.

I liked to introduce Joe as “The most indifferent man in the world, ladies and gentleman.” Make no mistake, however. When it came down to it, Joe had balls so big they could put a cartoonish south park testicular cancer victim to shame. He stepped up to the plate when he was needed. Not when he was asked, no. He didn’t need asking.

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