Haven’t Lost those Awkward Teenage Blues

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Sleeping in the sky is strangely relaxing, until being awakened by a turbulent decent. I took a cab back into the city upon landing. The noise of the traffic and the people caught me off guard for a moment. When I saw the buildings and the crowds and the horns, I realized how much I missed it, until the cabby dropped me off at Barbara’s place. My heart skipped a beat with every step, and I texted Charlie to let him know I might need help moving back to my apartment in Jersey.

I left my stomach in the lobby when I walked on the elevator. The doors swung open and there was no sign of life inside, just the fresh scent of Barbara’s shampoo smacking me in the face so hard I almost hit the deck. She was kind enough to leave the rest of my things in two trash bags. I grabbed them and headed for the door, before checking the fridge for a beverage. When I did I found a folded note taped to a Coke bottle. It was typed, of course:

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