A Taste of Wild Honey

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I convinced Cherry to come to my place for our next gathering. “I made a pretty good impression on you then?” She asked.

“You passed the test.” She left that night and I let another dream overtake me in the hotel room. I’m on the run from a group of girls; all of them I know. Britney, Barbara, Tiffany, Theresa, Janis, and a slew of others that I’ve seen in passing chase me like spiders. I’m running uphill and out of energy. I look up and the moon’s broken. Pieces of it fall in my path. I’m constantly jumping and dodging parts, until the women catch up with me, dragging me to the ground. I pray they just want an orgy, but that isn’t the case. They slam me against a cross that they stab in the ground. After tying me up, I watch them pull out some rotten fruit, which they proceed to pelt me with.

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