Fisherman’s Blues

He woke up thirsty. That was often how Roger started his day. It beat the alternative. In his younger years he woke up sick from the sea. You get used to it, he found out. Now the feeling was so far back in his life he’d forgotten what it even felt like, in the same way one feels long after their headaches cease. He woke up before the sun, although his eyes still squinted open. He fumbled for his water bottle to find it empty. He sighed, forcing himself to the upright position, throwing on a tattered shirt and not bothering with bottoms.
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Stuck in the Middle with a Bouncer

Look, man, all I wanna do is dance.

Gonna need to see I.D.

I left my wallet at home. I had to rush to change to meet my lady.

That don’t mean a thing.

Okay, look. I’ll make it up to you, somehow. Can I just check to see if she’s in there yet?
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Barren Ground: Part 3, The Highway

If you haven’t read Parts One and Two, then you’re going to be quite lost…on an island…anyway. Here it is.

The driver pulled to the side of the road and rolled down the passenger side window. “You all right?” He asked the rider, who was still smiling as the blood and saliva dripped down his teeth.

“Yeah, haha! Damn Raccoons! Think I could get a ride to the next town over?”

“No problem.” The driver swung open the door and the rider stood for a moment, a little shaken.

“Uh…you mind if I get in the back? My legs are hurtin’ and I’d rather stretch ‘em out.” The driver paused and flashed a glance in the back before sizing up the rider. He was a scrawny looking man, and couldn’t be more than early 20’s. If need be, the driver was sure that he could take control in a scuffle.

“Sure, kid. Climb on back.”
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Barren Ground: Part 2, The Rider

If you haven’t read part 1, then you probably won’t find yourself lost on this one, however it would make a tad more sense. Here’s a primitive link to part 1

“Are you sure?” Katrina asked. The rain had let up by now, but it had left a harsh cold and Katrina held her elbows and fought her teeth’s urge to chatter.

“Yes’m.” The AAA driver said, “All we do is change tires, fill gas and offer a tow.” Katrina leaned against the wet car and stared at her feet, her sigh brought forth a white cloud and the man rolled his eyes. “All right, get in and I’ll take a look.” Katrina smiled and quickly spun around, climbing into the car as the man approached the hood. The car sputtered as the engine tried desperately to turn. When all was quiet again she heard the man’s laughter.


“Mind if I sit in there?” He asked, still chuckling. She got out and granted him the driver’s seat. He looked inside and once again broke into laughter.
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Barren Ground: Part 1, The Driver

I’m trying out something new with this story, so if you like it, then yay! If you don’t, however, please bear with the next two parts and I assure you I will be coming back to the posts you all know and love.

A thick, heavy rain began to pour on Billy as he was under the hood of the car. His wife, Katrina, shouted over the drops. “Bill! Just stop fucking with it and get in the car. You’re getting soaked! AAA is on their way and they’ll take a look at it.”

“AAA doesn’t repair, Kat!” Billy replied.

“They do minor stuff.” She said, opening the door and getting inside. Just then, off in the distance, a bright pair of headlights beamed through the rain. The roar of tires rolling across the pavement became louder as the car approached, but descended as the driver slowed and pulled onto the shoulder in front of the couple. Billy’s headlights would have lit the driver well, had they been on. Instead a dark silhouette was all that was seen stepping out of the driver’s seat. The only detail that was visible was that the individual was bald. An umbrella exploded above the dark figure as he walked toward Billy.

“Car trouble?” The driver asked.

“Yeah, I can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.” Billy replied, spitting rainwater into the air.

“How about I take a look?”

“Be my guest.” Billy beckoned to the open engine as the driver handed him his umbrella, bending down into the engine, overlooking every inch. He seemed to be quite absorbed in his own thoughts, because the sound of Katrina’s voice caused him to jump so hard that he smashed his head on the open hood, “Do you want me to try starting it?”

“Jesus!” The driver screamed, rubbing his head and looking at Billy, “I thought it was just you!”
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