We Need a Holiday

Previously, on A Young American…

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We stopped at an Indian Diner for lunch before picking up Wendy’s cake from the store bakery. “I haven’t been to a birthday party since I was too young to drink.”

“I wouldn’t call it a party.”

“Oh, good. Don’t have to worry about gate-crashing toddlers then.” Wendy kept crying and spitting out her food. “So, if you don’t mind me asking, what about Dad?”

“I don’t mind. To tell you the truth little Wendy here was an accident. We didn’t stay together that long and he’s back in Colorado. I moved down here and we made custody arrangements. Nothing exciting or dramatic.” She sighed, as if she wished it were. Seemed as if Wendy had sucked all the excitement and drama out of her. I didn’t doubt that she loved Wendy, but it must have been tough for her.

As I’m sure it was for everyone suddenly placed with a burden that demanded all of the few hours of free time they got from their already stressful workweeks. That’s how people got caught in the net. They take a job, and while there they find that a baby’s a comin’, and can no longer afford to leave, thereby the only way to go is up in the company.

Fingers crossed.

“What’s your story?  Was there a reason your ‘friend’ was showing you around that school?”  

“Yeah. I moved to New York a couple years back and some shit happened, so I don’t really wanna see those endless skyscrapers pierce through the morning fog for awhile.”  

“I see. You had to come back to something familiar.”  

“That’s what I thought.” I said, “But that’s not what happened. This place couldn’t be more different. It’s kind of like when you move out of your house to go to college, then come back for the summer to live with your parents again.” At least, that’s what I thought it was like. I wouldn’t know.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Good,  “So how long are you planning on staying?”  

“Long enough for a winter fling.” I grinned. She chuckled and force fed Wendy another few spoonfuls.

“What if I’m not looking for a fling?”

“Come on.” I replied, “You’ve got a lot on your plate right now. You just moved to an entirely new place. You have a child that you have to take care of whenever you’re not working ’round the clock to keep your career on a positive note. The last thing you need right now is a serious relationship.”  

“You sure know how to read a girl, huh?”  

“Nothing to read. I just watch.” We exited the diner and after she buckled Wendy in her seat I took a chance and embraced her. I pulled her body close to mine and kissed her. She put her arms around my shoulders and I backed her into the car. Wendy cooed as I rubbed my hard-on against her mom. She guided one of my hands down to her leg, cupping it around her ass. I squeezed gently and thrust forward slightly. I could tell she hadn’t gotten much for a while. Eventually I backed away, and for a moment she wouldn’t allow it, but then realized that Wendy was sitting in the car. She fixed her hair, “Shall we?”

She opened my car door for me and we drove to the town bakery for Wendy’s arbitrary cake. I thought about asking Theresa what the point of buying a decorated cake for a baby was, until I saw it. The top had “Happy Birthday” written in heavy metal font, and below was a crude drawing of Wendy sitting on a tank with her arm in the air. “What?” said Theresa. “It’s not like she’ll know what it is.”

“It’s a small town. People remember stuff like this.” She gave me a once over and shrugged. Wendy was happy regardless. When we arrived at Theresa’s place, her kid was knocked clean out. She picked her up and took her to the baby room. There was a plastic toy chest along the wall, but I doubt there was anything in it, as the toys were scattered throughout the room.

Theresa kicked them out of her way as she gently placed Wendy in her crib. She spun those wheel things that hang above the crib around, and Wendy drifted off to another world. Theresa turned on the baby walkie-talkie, cleverly titled Whaaalkie and we went into her bedroom.

She practically pulled me along, as anxious as she was. We got into her room and she turned the receiving end of the device on before immediately taking her shirt off. She spun around and stared at me. It was obvious she was sucking in a little bit, but she didn’t need to. She was skinny enough as it was, and that bra looked like it was having so much trouble maintaining its composure.

I stepped toward her slowly, and I could hear her breath accelerating. I thought about how similar this situation would be if I had slept with that girl from the hotel. I slowly slid my fingers up her sides, which gave her chills. “Been awhile?” I whispered. She nodded and covered her mouth while she laughed.

“Yeah. Is it that obvious?”  

“Just a little.” I said, “Relax. It’s not a shot.”  

“Well, let’s hope not.” She said, eyeing my crotch.

“Oh boy.” I wrestled her onto the bed. We tongue fucked as I slid her pants off. I had never fucked a mom before. I was anxious to see if they were as loose as people said. I slid my fingers inside her throbbing, wet pussy. We kissed and she moaned into my mouth as she took off her bra. Her breasts were magnificent. They didn’t look worn out. “I used formula.” She said, clarifying for me. I thanked any and all Gods for that, as these were the kind that women strived for when getting boob jobs.

She saw my all-too-familiar drool face and guided my head down to her breasts. I sucked on them as I climbed on top of her. I had to assume she didn’t use birth control so I brought a-Oh shit. “I don’t have a condom.” I said, suddenly. “I don’t suppose you have one, do ya?” She nodded.

“They’re a little old, though.” She said with embarrassment. I opened the drawer next to the bed and pulled one out.

“I doubt it’s been that long.” I said, strapping it on and resuming my previous position. I felt her heart pound through her chest as I slid slowly inside her. She dug her nails into my back and pressed up against me, biting and sucking on my neck. More than anything, it tickled, but I could tell that she enjoyed it quite a bit, so I allowed it while I thrust in and out of her. I placed my hands on her shoulders and used them to go deeper. Every pump seemed to make her breath stop for that brief moment. She grabbed my arms and asked me to flex. A weird request, but I did so just the same. She felt me up and bit her lower lip.

I leaned in and she whispered, “Fuck me doggy style.” I pulled out and waited for her to flip around before mounting again. She grabbed onto the bedpost and moaned as loud as she could without waking Wendy up. What remained of the Sun as it set peeked through the window like a pervert with binoculars, landing right on the small of her back. I could hear the sound of her breasts slapping each other as I pounded from behind, and reached around to twist and pull on them.

That’s when the crying started.

Out of the damn machine came the cries of a baby. After 30 minutes of waiting and listening to Theresa settle her down, I looked down at my dead dick. It was still wrapped in the condom, and looked as if it had suffocated.

I saluted it.

I thought about finishing myself, but I had a feeling she wouldn’t like that. She came back into the bedroom just as naked as she had left. The Sun had gone, but not before informing the Moon of its discovery. “Sorry about that.” She said in a whitish-blue glow.

“Hey, it’s no problem.”  She smiled and rubbed her hand down my chest.

“You want me to finish you off?”  She asked, playing with my balls.

“Ladies first.”

“Already done.” I never could tell when a woman climaxed.

“Well, then fire away.” I put my hands behind my head and enjoyed one of the best Blowjobs I ever had. I was about to come and told her, but she just lifted her head for a moment and said, “Good.” Before going back to work. I exploded in her mouth and she sucked me dry. Afterwards she crawled up and rested her head on my chest. I played with her hair and she said, “I can hear your heart beat.”  

“Good. Means I’m not dead.” We sat there and held each other for a few hours before fucking one more time and falling asleep. I woke up the next morning before Theresa, and heard the baby monitor go off. She seemed to be in a pretty deep sleep, so I decided to take a crack at this kid myself. It was the least I could do. I went into the bedroom and picked her up out of her crib.

“Shhh, little girl. Relax.”  She shut up instantly, which I found eerie. “Why don’t we go into the kitchen and have some breakfast?”  I placed her in the high chair and checked the fridge for some baby food. I grabbed a jar that claimed to contain carrots.

“Now, don’t spit this in my face.” I said, “Or I’ll kill you.” She laughed and clapped. I shushed her and stuck a silver spoon in her mouth. I found my thoughts getting away from me while my brain went into auto-feed. This little girl’s gonna be a beauty growin’ up, I thought, I wonder what she’ll look like when she’s 18. Come to think of it, I wonder what I’ll look like when I’m 50. I wonder what an 18 year old her would think of a 50 year old me.

I shook my head free of those thoughts and finished feeding her. She had food all over her face. “Oh don’t worry, I got it.” I wiped it away and started making breakfast for Theresa and I. “Now stay put. I don’t wanna turn around to cook an egg, then hear one crack behind me.”  She clapped, which I took as a “Yes, sir.”

I did hear a crack behind me, but it was the floorboard beneath Theresa’s foot. “Jesus, I thought it was that kid’s head!” She laughed so hard she almost fell over.

“Oh my God I can’t believe I’m laughing about that.” She kissed my cheek, “Thanks for this.” She said, “And for last night.”  

“Hey it was my pleasure.” I replied. She sat down and breathed a sigh.

“Can I ask you something?”  Already we’re having a talk.


“Is there any chance of you staying here?”  

“I don’t think so.” I said, “This place wasn’t for me. That’s why I left. Now that I’ve come back it’s even more not for me than before.”

“Well, the thing is:  I don’t know if I’m capable of flings. Not like I used to be anyway. I found myself waking up this morning, and when you weren’t lying next to me I felt kind of sad. And that’s only after one night. I mean you were right about all that stuff you said before.

I don’t have time to look for a serious relationship, but having someone there even for a brief amount of time seems like it forces serious things on me. Like when you took Wendy and fed her. I peeked around the corner and watched you for a little bit, and it was so sweet. It made me wish you could stay.”  I took a sip of my drink as she continued. “What I’m basically saying is that it won’t be as easy to end this next week as it is right now.”  

“I understand.”  I said, “You could have just told me how bad I was.”  She smiled. “At least have a slice of ‘Wendy’s’ cake with me.” She nodded and I cut out two inappropriately large pieces and plopped them on the plates. I presented them to Theresa, whereupon she picked the one with the end of the cannon on it.

I sat and stared at my AY as I dug my fork into it. Underneath the white frosting I revealed a collection of yellow crumbs, falling onto the plate like soft golden nuggets rolling down the side of a Hollywood hill. We ate in a comfortable silence, both nodding our approval of the taste.

“How are you?” I asked, not knowing why. She thought about it, most likely on a philosophical level.

“No one’s asked me that in a long time.” She lifted her eyes at me and shrugged. “Better than bad.” She spooned another mouthful of mostly frosting. I finished my slice and picked up Wendy, “Let’s take a walk around the block. Then I’ll get out of your hair forever.” I held my hand out. She took it and we left wearing our dirty clothes from last night, hair messed, teeth un-brushed. We were a regular homeless family that morning.

“You know it’s about what I expected. I mean, you’ve got a kid. I know I fed her this morning, but believe me, I wouldn’t be doing that all the time. I can hardly take care of myself, let alone a child. Speaking of,” I handed Wendy back to her.

“Well, I can tell you one thing,” she said, “This weekend was such a nice reprieve from the chaos of this last semester.”  

“I aim to please.”  

“Where are we going?”

“A little place I used to call home.” We arrived at my old house. “That’s where my parents lived. They died when I was 18.”

“Oh, Logan I’m so sorry.”  

“Don’t be. It’s in the past. I moved out of that house to go to New York two years ago. Which means the place has been empty all that time.”  

“Where are you going with this?”  

“I think you won the existential lottery.” I replied, “I’m gonna let you take this house. Rent free.” She shook her head.

“I can’t ask you to do that.”  

“On a teacher’s salary in a fly-over state you can. And what else am I gonna do?  Sell it? It’ll go for riches here, but in New York it would be about two year’s worth of rent. I don’t need the money. Besides, I’m not giving it to you. I’m letting you stay in it for free. It’s not like I’m handing over the deed.”  

She didn’t say anything, just stared at the house and then back at me. I pet her cheek. “Let’s not make it any harder than it has to be, right?” I said, trying to contain myself. She nodded and we had a very solemn drive back to my high school.

“Thanks.” I said, getting out, “Keep in touch?”  

“You bet.” She replied.

“But don’t be calling me up asking me to fix anything. If you’re not a tenant, then I’m not a landlord.”  She laughed and waived goodbye. She left me alone in the parking lot. I stood and gazed all around me. An empty parking lot in the middle of the day was a rare sight indeed. I hopped on the next plane out and watched below as the graph paper that was Kansas disappeared beneath the clouds. An ice storm in the making,

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