And Another One Gone

Previously, on A Young American…

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Although I had fallen forward, I awoke on my back, with a sharp stinging on my left cheek. I looked down and saw a Brunette head, pressing its ear on my chest. I moaned and covered my eyes from the high noon Sun bearing down on me.

“Jesus!” I heard her shout. I looked down and it was Tiffany, in the same clothes as last night, “I thought I was gonna have to lug you to the hospital. Are you okay?”  She felt my forehead like a worried mother or a caring sister. As her face got closer to mine, it seemed to be the Florence Nightingale effect. She glanced at my lips. I lifted my lead head and kissed her. She welcomed me at first, then pulled away suddenly.

“What?” I asked.

“I just…don’t know you that well.”

“Isn’t that what future encounters are for?”

“You also don’t know a lot about me. And believe me, there’s some things you would want to know sooner rather than later.”

“Well lay it on me.” I said, spreading my arms wide. She smiled.

“Maybe later. I just want to get some sleep right now. You look like you could use some of your own.”

“Okay then. How about tonight?”  

“Yeah, that’ll be fine.” She stood and rubbed her arm nervously before walking away.

“Thanks for saving my life!”  She turned back and rolled her eyes at me, then walked inside the complex. I put my head back in the grass and stared at Mr. Blue Sky for a few more minutes, then finished off the rest of the afternoon with a well-deserved nap. I rocked awake at eight and rushed to shower and dress myself as I walked up to Tiffany’s apartment. I knocked and she answered rather quickly. “I don’t know if we specified a time but…”

“It’s all right, come in.” She looked sullen, and when I put my hand on her arm she backed away slightly. She walked into the kitchen and I followed.

“So what’s this thing you wanted to talk about?”  She filled a glass with water and set it down next to a small handful of pills lying on the counter. They varied in size, shape and color. “Fixin’ yourself a cocktail?”  I asked. She nodded, and I could tell it was tough for her.

“I didn’t want us to go any further because you didn’t know.” She sighed that sigh that was getting ready to tell a back-story, “Right out of high school I dated this guy for like a year, and I wasn’t to the level of sex just yet. That frustrated him and we got into a huge argument. I stormed out and, in a fit of rage and extreme drunkenness, I ended up sleeping with a random guy I met at a club. After that night I went back to my boyfriend and told him what I did. At first he was furious and almost threw me out of his house.”

Her eyes began to wiggle, but she wiped them straight, “After that everything seemed fine, and we started having sex on a regular basis. It wasn’t until about 6 months later that I started to feel sick. I went to the doctor and got some tests done. He came back telling me I was HIV positive.”  

“That’s rough.” I said.

She let out a fake laugh, “Yeah, especially when I told my boyfriend about it. He made our last argument look like a marriage proposal. This time he did throw me out, and he tried to sue me, but the charges didn’t stick.”  She reached out and grabbed my hand.

“I gave this disease to someone. I ruined his life and possibly anyone else he infects too. I don’t want to do that to anyone ever again. As angry as he was and the way he treated me. Well, I can’t say I would have reacted differently. So we can’t have that kind of a relationship.”  She looked up at me with those damned eyes. “But I want you.” She said again, stepping closer to me, “I want you badly. But we’d have to keep it above the waist. Is that okay?”  

I thought about it for a moment, and then kissed her on the cheek. “Sounds like way too interesting of an opportunity to pass up.”  She smiled and hugged me tightly.

“I can’t imagine how you can just go without sex though.”  I looked down at her and saw a twinkle in her eye.

“I have my ways around it.”  

“And what would that be?”  I asked. She beckoned me to the bedroom with her finger. I followed, and she sat down on the bed, unbuttoning her jeans and pulling them down slowly. She reached in the drawer and out came a vibrator. A smile crept back onto my face.

“Mind if I watch?” She pointed at the chair in the corner, which I gladly sat in, not even thinking about how many other men may have sat in this same spot. I watched her slide her panties to one side, and slowly insert the long nine-inch vibrator inside. She pushed it in ever so slightly, and I heard the humming noise as she massaged her clit with it. She moved it in deeper.

The further it crept the more her head tilted back. She started pumping it in and out and eyed my crotch. The outline of my rock solid dick was clearly seen creeping down my leg. I freed it and stroked it to the same tempo as her. She started to move a little faster, and I followed her lead. Her eyes squinted and her mouth dropped open. I imagined shooting my load all the way across the room and making it right in there.

3 points!

She was shoving that device in so deep I could barely hear the hum, but I could see it on her face. She laid on her side and stuck her finger in her mouth as I watched, getting ready to explode. We could both feel each other getting closer and closer, and I don’t know if we timed it right, or if the stars were aligned that night, but we both came at the same time and moaned in unison.

My boys bled all over my jeans and onto the floor, while she lie motionless on the bed. I thought about deadliness of the vibrator at that moment. She smiled and opened her eyes, stared at me and said,  “See, now was that so bad?”  

I laughed, “Not this time.”  I stood up and put my pants back on. I looked down on her, and she rolled over.

“I hope this isn’t too much for you to handle.”

“Quite the opposite.”  I bent down and kissed her goodnight as I went back to my apartment. I needed more sleep if I was about to get back to my daily robot routine. Throughout the next week I had almost no free time, but the time that I did have I spent with Tiffany. We had moved to second base and hand jobs, allowing for a little more excitement.

Even with those things I quickly turned to Internet porn and webcam girls again, because after all, the only thing that could truly quench my thirst was something wet. The next Monday must have been Luke’s birthday or something, because he was feeling especially dickish. He kept on walking up to me and hitting me on the back of the head, or knocking my boxes over and laughing like a fucking Hyena, or throwing metal ball bearings at me when Amie wasn’t looking.

I about had enough of it and wanted to shove a whole box of those little metal fuckers right down his throat when the break came. I tried smoking two cigarettes at once, and quickly learned why they only did that in the movies. I stomped one out and gazed out over the parking lot while finishing the other. Everything seemed all right, until I noticed one car was rocking.

Back and forth and back and forth.

Luke and Amie stepped out of it, her hair slightly rustled. Luke looked my way and I quickly turned, but it may have been too late. I couldn’t be sure whether or not he saw me until Amie took me into her office right before lunchtime. I sat down and she stared at me. “Logan, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news.”  She said, “Your performance review has come in, and it looks like you’ve got more than a few problems.”  

I put my hand to my chin mockingly, but she must not have gotten the joke, “You’re reckless, you don’t take proper care of the machines, you waste parts throwing them at other workers. I mean, I just don’t think this job is right for you.”

I sat there for a few moments, and then leaned forward, as if a thought popped into my head. “You sure it’s not because I caught you two fucking in the parking lot on break?”  She had an ever so slight “Oh, shit he knows” look in her eyes that quickly turned into anger.

“How can you even say something like that!?  Just because you can’t hold down a Goddamn job to save your life doesn’t give you the right to come slinging mud all over me!”  

“I’m not doing the slinging, and it’s not mud.”

She held her ground. “I want you out of here.”

“Fine.” I said, quickly walking out the door to the ear piercing machines whirring as she tried to shout something at me, which I would have ignored if I heard. I walked right up to Luke. He turned around and smacked his gum in my face. That I could hear. I grabbed him and threw him to the floor. I picked him up and slammed him into a machine. He hit the metal bowl containing the closures and fell. The bowl had been knocked loose, and closures poured down on him. I brushed them off and pressed his face up to the vibrating bowl.

His eyes, as well as everything else in his head, began to shake violently. I’m sure he couldn’t focus on a single thing, especially since I punched him square in the nose, knocking his head into the floor. He was unconscious and quickly being buried by warm yellow pieces of plastic. That slut Amie came rushing to his side as I saw myself out. It was all for the better.

I went to pay Tiffany a visit, maybe see if she wanted to go into the city and see a movie with Charlie and his new girlfriend. I knocked and heard no answer. Right then I should have walked away, but something inside me forced me to turn the handle and peer inside. Mood music poured out, and I heard some slight moaning in the background.

I stepped inside and looked into the open bedroom door. There she was, riding some guy’s cock like it was a horse and she was neck and neck at the finish line. What I had mistaken for moans turned out to be screams of pleasure. I couldn’t see his face. He was lying on the bed, knees hanging off the side and hands cupped around her tight beautiful ass. She screamed and shuddered, before slowing to a halt. She turned and our eyes met in that oh so familiar gaze.

It had only lasted a week, so I wasn’t too roughed up by it, but I was definitely pissed at myself for trying so hard to get this woman. I walked down the hall and promised myself I wasn’t ever gonna try that hard again. Back to Bukowski basics. “Logan, wait!”  She exclaimed from her door. She was covered in the sheets from the bed.

I turned around, “What was all that bullshit about?”  

“It wasn’t bullshit.” She hissed, “Come here, I don’t want to have to yell at you about this.”  I thought about making a break for the elevator, but knew I’d see her again at some point. It might as well have been now. I walked back up to her and leaned against the wall.

“So what is it?”  

“It’s Robby.”  

“Robby?” I scoffed. “That’s not a name.”  

“He’s my ex. The one I told you about.”  

“The guy you gave AIDS to?”

She shhed  me and said, “It’s a bit more complicated then that.”  I looked at her, and could see it in her eyes. I could tell why we both needed each other so bad. She suffered from the same affliction I did. And we both knew how hard it was to keep away from that which was so sacred. God knows how many years Tiffany had gone without a live one inside her. “I understand.” I finally sighed.

“You do?” She said.

“I do. But that doesn’t mean this relationship isn’t over.”  

She hung her head, “I know.”  

I lifted her chin and we kissed as Robby watched in the background. I’m sure he was agitated, but what could he do?  If he ever wanted to get laid again he’d have to tolerate a lot more than I’m sure he would have liked. I left her there, and have since donated to any and all AIDS funds I came across.

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