Your Latest Trick Needs a Volunteer

Previously, on A Young American…

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Apparently I passed the initiation test with Martha. When she came back from the holidays she was so happy that she let me take him anytime they left for more than a day. She still teased, though, and I never did get another moment alone with her. The dog seemed to respond well to Buddy, so that’s what I ended up calling him. “You wanna take a walk?”  I asked Buddy, who wagged his tail furiously as I hooked his leash on. “Good, cause I could use a smoke.”

I took him out to the dog area of the apartment and lit up a cigarette. My walks with Buddy usually involved another tenant. A blonde, blue-eyed beauty with an oversized boxer who liked to pull her around. Her name was Marianne, and once more I saw her whiz by while Buddy pissed and I puffed. Her all natural C’s started to bounce, almost completely out of her pretty little blue low-cut long sleeve shirt. She glanced at me, embarrassed about her inability to control her dog.

“Sorry.”  She said, flying past me.

“Quite all right.”  I replied. She managed to settle him down conveniently right next to me.

“Hello there.”  She said in her cutesy wootsey voice to Buddy. He wagged his tail and licked her hand. His business was finished and my cigarette drew empty. I rubbed it out on my shoe and dumped it in the trashcan. She smiled at me. I snapped for Buddy to come with me and said, “Until next time.”  

“Sure thing.” She said. I saluted her and we separated as I brought Buddy back inside. I found that the more of these women I met, the longer my longing for them lasted after our departure. I stopped.

“Hey,” I said, turning around, “You know that park just down the road off Watchung Avenue?”

She thought for a moment, “Yeah, I hear it’s nice, but I’ve never been there.”  

“Well, I’m thinking about taking him. Didn’t know if you’d wanna come along for the ride, or we could meet there. I’m sure they have a dog area.”  

She looked at her Boxer. “What do you say, Rex?”  He wagged his tale and attempted to lick those big, luscious breasts of hers, but she pulled away before he could get to them. She laughed obliviously. “Sure. We can follow you there.”  

“Great.” I said, and we got in our cars. When we showed up I offered to trade dogs with her, which she gladly accepted. Buddy was an easygoing dog. He knew his place.

This bastard Rex, though. He could learn a thing or two from Buddy. Marianne laughed as I made my best attempts at keeping Rex from killing anything and everything he saw. It was clear he had been poorly trained. Whether or not it was by Marianne’s hand was still a mystery. Clouds had begun to invade the once blue sky. “So, the fenced in area is over there.” I grunted,  “If we can manage to steer this horse in that direction.”  

She laughed, “Okay.”  We pulled and pushed Rex until we got inside. Luckily no one else was around, so I could let Rex go. He took off like he was on some kind of mission, but so was I.

“You can let him go too if you want. He’s not going anywhere.”  She let Buddy loose. We sat next to each other on the bench.

“I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place.” She said.

“Well, don’t feel too left out.”  She looked at me. I felt her warm breath as she sighed in my direction. I leaned in to kiss her, and she pulled back slightly, at first. She cocked her head to the side, eyeing my lips. “Feel free to tell me to fuck off.”

“It’s tempting.” She said coyly, before we heard rustling from the fence. I looked over and saw Rex making a run for it.

“Oh, shit.” I said, getting up and running toward the fence, hoping to stop the damn bastard before he went over. I was just a hair too late and he dived over right before I reached the fence. I turned and shouted, “Grab Buddy and follow us!”  She nodded and I jumped the fence to chase down the escaped prisoner.

This wasn’t a dog. It was a Goddamn Cheetah. I sprinted as hard and as fast as I could, but he was still far ahead of me. My speed was reaching its limit and I began to trip forward. Marianne and the dog area quickly became small dots in the background, and Rex was getting dangerously close to the end of the park and the entrance to Heaven.

I kicked it into gears I didn’t know I had and made one final leap for the leash that I thanked myself for leaving on. I was able to stick my finger in the loop right as the rest of my body slammed on the ground. Rex didn’t care though. What was another 180 pounds of sudden weight to a Goddamn Alien Dog?  However he did slow down significantly, and after catching some breath back I was able to get back up and use some force to pull him to a halt. Marianne showed up about a minute after I had literally tackled Rex to keep him from moving.

She sat on the ground, both of us gasping for air.

“Well…I think….it’s official….” I said.

“What is….”

“This dog….is not from this planet…”  I clutched my chest. We stared into the gray sky above.

Then came the rain.

By rain I mean a fucking monsoon appeared out of nowhere. It came down hard and fast and we were soaking wet before we even got up off the grass. She started to laugh as she made a failed attempt to keep the rain from soaking her.

We ran back to our cars and before she got in I stopped her and spun her around, sandwiching her between me and the car. The sound of the rain hitting the pavement was deafening, so my intended whisper had to be a shout. “It’s not like we’re gonna get any wetter standing out here a few more seconds!”  

I leaned in and we kissed as the rainwater collected and dripped from our chins. All around us people were getting in their cars. Our clothes were soaked and clinging to our skin as we held each other, each with a leash in our hands. She felt my hardness as I felt her wetness.

She pulled off me, “Let’s go back home!”  

I nodded and she told me her apartment number as we got in our cars. 411. Buddy and myself flooded the car as we drove it back. I ran up to my apartment and dumped Buddy and my clothes in the bathroom before changing, not that it mattered since I would soon be removing said new clothes. I bolted out the door and up to the 4th floor. I knocked and she opened, wrapped in a towel. “Good thinking.” I said as she stepped aside.

I barely got my shoes off before she grabbed hold of me. I let her lead me into her bedroom, stripping my shirt along the way, where I saw she used the same methods for locking up her soaked pooch. She backed up on the bed and we started making out. Her apartment was considerably bigger than mine. I wondered if she was loaded or had a roommate. When I lifted myself off of her I saw that her towel was off and she was laying there, in all her glory.

“Your pants hurt.” She groaned. I pulled them down and put a condom on. I mounted her and slid my hard, wrapped cock inside her. The deeper I got the tighter her grip on my back became. She pulled me in all the way and moaned while digging her nails into my ass.

I started pumping and she looked at me, doing that thing women do where they moan and laugh at the same time. Then she leaned her head back and enjoyed the ride, then she brought both her hands up and started feeling herself up. I pumped harder and harder as her moans became louder and louder. She caught me staring at her tits and pulled my head down to one of her nipples, where I locked my lips, wondering if I was in for a repeat of the woman in red.

She moaned, “Bite it.”  I did as I was told and she went wild. She flipped me over like a piece of bacon and rode me, keeping her breast in my mouth. I was a piece of meat, but as long as I was sucking on my personal favorite I had no complaints about it. Then she surprised me. She took my dick out of her pussy and insisted I keep sucking. She started to jerk me off while I sucked and bit harder, pulling on her erect nipple with my teeth. She held me tighter as she came to fruition, then her limbs went dead and she sighed a pleasant sigh. “Sorry,” she said in a dreamlike state, “That just really, really turns me on.”  

“Hey, you’re not alone.” I said.

“Want me to finish you off?” She asked, biting her lip.

“Please and thank you.” I said. She brought my cock up to her lips and kissed it. I stood on my knees while she tilted her head to the side.

I heard the living room door shut, ever so lightly. The bedroom door was open and I looked over to see another lovely young lady staring at us on the bed. She was skinny, 5’7″, and brunette bangs hanging ever so slightly over her right eye. She looked like the girl version of Emo, although I hate using classifications like that. Her eyes were so large I could see them from the bedroom.

Large and beautiful.

Beautiful and blue.

She was wearing a black jacket that fully covered her, but I could tell she wasn’t more than a B cup. They say first impressions are everything. That being said, me staring at her blankly while on my knees getting my dick sucked by her roommate/friend/sister probably made for a poor one. Still, she didn’t look disgusted, angry, surprised, or humored at the whole situation, and I assume her roommate had yet to notice, because she kept sucking. She kept sucking while we kept staring. I was like a deer in her headlights, but I couldn’t tell why she didn’t look away from me. I had lost all feeling in my cock, but it was still hard nonetheless. After a few more seconds that felt like years, we finally shook out of each other’s trance and I  ran up to shut the door.

“What was that?”  Marianne asked.

“Um, I think maybe you have a roommate who just came in.”  

I was in the panic I should have been the second she walked in. Marianne laughed, “Well, it’s kinda complicated. She is my roommate, for right now. Her name’s Tiffany.”  She saw an odd look in my eyes, and she smiled like a child.

“How long was she watching us?”  She asked, covering her mouth.

“I-I-I dunno, I just looked over and shut the door.” The sound of the TV came and I breathed a sigh of relief. “What do you mean it’s complicated?”

She paused for a moment, “Well my lease isn’t up yet, but I want to move soon anyway.”  Another pause. “See, I kind of have a boyfriend.” She looked at me. “And we’re moving in together.”  

I looked at the door, then back at her. “You mean to tell me that he could very well have walked in here?”  

“No, no, no!” She said, “He doesn’t have a key, and he’s at work anyway.”  

“Well, Jesus you could have mentioned that to me.”  

“I’m sorry.” She said, “I honestly didn’t see it turning out like this when we went to the park.”  

“Well, whatever.” I said, putting on my underwear, “What’s done is done. I assume Tiffany’s taking over the lease?” she nodded.

“Yeah, she’s my best friend’s sister.” I looked around for my shirt and remembered it never made it to the bedroom. I opened the door and peeked out to see Tiffany laying back on the couch, oblivious to me and my shirt that was underneath her.

“Excuse me.” I said, walking up to her. She turned and looked up at me with those crystalline eyes. “I think maybe you’re sitting on my shirt.”  She scanned me up and down, then smiled sweetly and pulled the shirt out from under her.

“Here you go.” She turned back to the TV.

“I’m Logan.” I said, taking the shirt from her.

“Tiffany.” Maybe the stare down we gave each other was all in my head. I put my shirt on and opened the bedroom door.

“Hey, I guess I’ll-” Marianne shushed me while on the phone, presumably with her boyfriend.

“Oh really?  Okay. I’ll see you in a minute.” She hung up and looked at me, “Hank’s coming home now. I guess he quit his job, since we’re moving in a few weeks.”  

“I’ll show myself out.”  

“Thank you.” She said. I nodded and turned around.

“Wait.” She said. I turned back toward her. “It was fun while it lasted.” She rubbed her arm.

“Indeed it was. So long, Marianne.” I grabbed my keys from the floor and stepped out, walking towards the elevator. I stopped myself and looked back, hoping that Tiffany would open the door and stop me, asking if I’d like to go to grab a bite to eat and talk about each other’s affection. She didn’t, and I knew that wouldn’t happen. Still, this apartment complex was small, and chances were I’d see her again.

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