In Remembrance

David Bowie died today. I didn’t love him. He was not a huge influence on my life, but he was someone who was majorly involved with people I used to be close with. Feelings are stirring up inside me, and I don’t know where they’re coming from. My ex was obsessed with David Bowie. The only friend I’ve ever lost was also an enormous Bowie fan. I’m listening to him now, and I honestly couldn’t say why.

I’ve said this already, but he was not important to me, and he is not important to people I hold dear currently, but I still feel as if he has impacted my life through people I used to love. I feel strongly that he has shaped my outlook. David Bowie is the first artist that I have witnessed the death of and truly felt like a piece of my life has been lost, especially so soon after a new album has been thrown around to rave reviews.

This post is nothing more than an observation of David Bowie and a remembrance of the footprint that he left. If he didn’t leave this footprint with us, then he certainly left it with those we care about.


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