Here’s a freeflowing thought. This ongoing entry is simply an invite to the inner workings of my mind. Is it interesting? Probably not. Will you learn anything from this? Short of what it’s like to read ramblings I doubt it. This isn’t necessarily a diary or journal entry, although I’m not sure I could tell the difference if you put this up next to one, on the count of both are just ways to get things out of your head and onto another device.

Sometimes I feel like people should mind their own goddamn business in regard to “leaked” tapes, emails, etc. that people say. Sure people that get revealed have said something sexist, or racist, or made some sort of ignorant remark. But let’s be honest, who hasn’t? Who hasn’t been in a room with your friends throwing out ideas or situations that may be a little off-color in a business meeting or at a press conference? We’re humans, which means we’re flawed, and we’re racist, and we’re sexist, and we’re bias toward one side and against another.

Fucking respect that.

Why? You may ask? Because that’s what we are. Just because I express an eyeroll over women’s complaints about 70 cents on the dollar doesn’t mean I won’t sign an equal pay petition in a heartbeat. I want it just as much as anyone else. I’m just a little tired of hearing complaints about it that yield little to no progress. That’s okay. I’m on the right side. And what I do should matter more than what I say. We all must vent when things become irritating or overwhelming. Just because some crazed ex or someone seeking blackmail material records it shouldn’t mean that I should be ridiculed for these things that were said. Right now it’s okay, because a person is racist, or has malicious intent. But what happens when someone just makes a choice that is socially deemed wrong.

For example, what’s really wrong with a brother and sister engaging in sexual situations if you take out the pregnancy possibilities? Is it really wrong? I’m an only child, so that could either mean I’m ignorant on the subject or I can see it from a more objective point of view. What if someone was outed while confiding in a so-called friend who recorded and uploaded the conversation? Then, I guess it’s not so ok that this person was recorded. Then, I guess people’s rights have been violated.

I don’t know. Like I said, this is just a freeflow exercise into what’s going on in my mind at the moment. If you want more stuff like this, then feel free to listen to my podcast entitled Unpopular Opinions. Maybe if I ever become anything noteworthy you can use this against me.


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