Bad Religion was right. Not about religion being bad, although that’s also true. They said Los Angeles was burning and they were right. This rapid suction of water from the roots is gonna turn a cigarette butt into a nuclear bomb. Meanwhile, on the eas side New York awaits the day that low tide becomes synonymous with fourth floor.

And what of Chicago? Is that the next city of America? Right now it’s definitely among the ranks in terms of culture and development, but if you knock two of the top contenders from the limelight? You have yourself a heavyweight champion. Too bad it’s corrupt as all hell, but then again what isn’t. And I’m not just talking politics anymore. No, that word spreads too thin these days. What you say matters more than what you do in the age of arbiters.

I never would have thought of Judgement Day in this context. Some people believe this attitude is helpful, or at the very least not hurting anyone, except in reference to themselves. I’ve never been offended on someone’s behalf, and no one should. Lighten up, people. LA’s gonna burn and NY’s gonna flood and all we’ll have left is second city. And they’ll remember how you treated them when you were living the good life.


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