I like to think I’ll meet Jessica again, but I doubt it. You only get so many shots in life. Three strikes is far too little.

I first met Jessica when I was driving from Florida to Washington for my film making attempt. I made a pit stop in Kansas to pick up Joe and Jason and to catch a breather at the halfway point. During which most friends hadn’t been out with me as a drinker, except Nolan. So we went out that Saturday. Before the evening I wanted to see if I had a sure thing, though, and on I went to the dating site, scrolling until I found a potential candidate. She was a cute girl by the name of Jessica. We talked briefly before I invited her out to the evening festivities. She said she had a date already, but would see if she could make some time for me. I told her I was leaving for Washington the next morning and she said that she, in fact, was also headed that way with her parents next week. “Small world. If I were small minded I’d say divine intervention.” I was excited to meet this girl.

As we headed downtown, we had ourselves a little homemade high school reunion with Nick, Robert, Matt and a few other stragglers I hadn’t seen in years. We had a wild night in which we were all split up, and as the hours passed I had yet to hear from my mystery date. Like I said with Laura, I don’t like dedicating a night to a girl only to be stood up, so I put myself on the prowl, discovering a lovely looking Hungarian woman. What she was doing in the midwest I never found out. I invited her back to Nolan’s house for a little post bar party. When we all possed up, I got a call from the lady of the evening. She said she was here.


I instructed the Hungarian woman to stay with my friends while I searched for my original date. When I found her we hugged and I told her we were all headed back to Nolan’s place. She agreed to accompany and along the way we saw the rest of my group walking the same direction. I told them to find my car and meet us at Nolan’s, but Nolan and the Hungarian woman jumped into the back of Jessica’s truck, leaving Joe and Jason to find my car. They were far more inebriated than any of us, but that didn’t matter at the time. As we pulled out and drove down the road, Jessica noticed Jason chasing after us. She stopped the truck and he ran up. “The car’s not over there.” Jason said, pointing to the spot where we all thought it was.

“Oh.” I said, “Well you’ll find it.” I then instructed Jessica to drive on, leaving a lonely looking Jason to the streets. When he approached Joe had asked what we said, to which Jason shrugged, “They left!”

This story continues when we reach Nolan’s house, in which he and the Hungarian woman leave for Wal-mart with reasons unknown to Jessica or myself. I offered to show her around the house, which contained one living room and three bedrooms. We settled on one and got right to it. Along the way I heard banging on the door which I, of course, ignored. We fell asleep to the tune of whatever was on my iTunes playlist, and the next morning I opened her eyes to the hilarity that was Mike Rowe on QVC. Our laughs were much louder than our moans from the night before and I received a text from Nolan that was simply “.”

Apparently he wanted us to shut up so he could sleep some more. After seeing Jessica off I asked Joe and Jason how long it took them to find the car.

They didn’t.

They had searched for hours in a drunken stupor before finally resorting to a cab, and upon returning home all they wanted was sleep. This made the Hungarian woman very upset because I had promised her festivities. “That douche bag said party!” She screamed, running toward the door and pounding on it. Nolan had to restrain her and kick her out. I guess I was the only one who made it out all right that Saturday night.

I thought that would be the end of my connection with Jessica, but we remained in contact throughout my stay in Washington, although unfortunately we did not get another opportunity to meet up, for I had told her I was off to Chicago all too soon, to which she said she had lived there for a stint. Looks like it was an even smaller world than I had realized. We still continued to talk even up to myself spending Christmas on a train headed Midwest. She said she was visiting family in Florida.

But not just any Florida. The same city where I was just before my Washington trip.

I like to think I’ll meet this girl somewhere down the line, but that is what we in the industry call wishful thinking. I certainly would like to see her again, even if it were for a limited time only, but I’ll never forget the woman who became my mystery travel companion across the US. I’ll always think back to our wonderful evening out, and the Mike Rowe sessions the next morning.

I’ll die someday alone in my bed at the age of 65, thinking I could take just one more view of his hilarious sales pitches. I’ll laugh too hard, though and my heart will get too excited. But I’ll die with a smile on my face and wondering if Jessica is just down the hall at the old folk’s home, hearing me through the walls.


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