Chris was one of my best friends. He was part of my triforce. He also has remained to date the only friend I’ve ever lost who stayed that way.
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I met Wendy in my final year of high school. She became the epitome of what kind of woman would have me under their thumb in the coming years. Symbolically she was my teacher. Literally she was a teacher.
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Cliff was crazy. I’m proud to say that Cliff and I shared three special nights together that work a little like a trilogy of some sort. When I began drinking he was among the first to see it. Cliff was the embodiment of New York City, in the sense that he never seemed to sleep. This was perfect for a guy who just started drinking in a city where bars don’t close before five am. When everyone else was winding down Cliff and I were winding up. After our initial group left us one night in the East Village, a drunk Cliff asked if I’d ever had a New York rub n’ tug.

I had.
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