Carlos was the first friend I made in Florida. I sparked up a convo with him in Photography, complimenting the picture in the fixer of his girlfriend sipping on her apple tattoo from a straw. Now here was a guy who could think on his feet. I had never met someone with a quicker wit before or since. I showed him Dexter back when it was good, and we quickly began a Sunday night ritual with Misty and his girlfriend Kelsey that included True Blood, Dexter, Californication and The Life and Times of Tim. Our Florida endeavers were often light-hearted and casual, consisting of poker nights and showing each other films, which Carlos would pause whenever someone talked.

I liked that.
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Sarah with an H…

I met Sarah and her friend when I was out with Joe in Chicago. He had come to visit me and I wanted to take him to a special bar; One I hadn’t been to since my night with Vivian. It was called Exit, and on Thursdays they had Dominatrixes. Volunteers could be tied up to a fence upstairs while the dominatrixes whipped them. I told Joe beforehand that I had been working on an Irish accent for a few weeks and was going to go the whole night as such.

Of course I had to meet someone that night.
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Sam is someone I should have hated. He liked David Lynch. He thought that open interpretation in the art of filmmaking was necessary and entertaining. He was the kind of guy who was totally down with silent films about a hammer pounding a nail in slow motion and black and white for thirty minutes. But I didn’t hate him. Quite the opposite. I thought Sam was awesome and hilarious. He was recruited through our craigslist/reddit search for crew members on the film that Chad, Dalton and I were making. He was the greatest addition to the team and he made being on set as fun as it was frustrating. He was Dalton’s number 2 when Dalton was unable to attend a shoot.
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Nick and I used to be enemies back in middle school when nothing mattered. We grew up quickly, though, and by the time high school rolled around we were friends, discussing random topics way beyond our age such as religion and politics, both of which we could not have been more opposite on. He was a religious republican and I was a libertarian atheist. He’s changed since then.

I haven’t.
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