Chad and I met in 1st grade. To my recollection, it was nothing special. “Hey, you wanna be friends?”

“Sure.” and off we went. Although we separated for a few years during the puberty era, we found ourselves in the same social circle once more come high school. The fluctuating level of our friendship culminated when I was down on my luck in Florida: The Worst State. We made a movie together with Dalton, which turned out horribly and put a strain on our relationship. However, it takes more than 10,000 dollars and a couple of crushed dreams to destroy longevity.

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I first met Jordan in film school down in the criminally south state of Florida. He was the first friend I invited to my apartment, and, coincidentally, was the one who Misty said would be willing to have an affair with her if she asked. Jordan and I butted heads often, but there was something there that always solidified our friendship, and at the end of the day, if either of us were asked, we would still call the other a “solid dude”. We also gave great impressions of each other, unmatched by anyone else, or so I’m told.

Jordan and myself were among the lucky few who graduated film school and migrated to New York to live Friends style and take it over Mary Tyler Moore style. Our first Independence Day myself, Jordan, Chris and Shane went out and, for whatever reason, collectively decided to get Jordan drunk on several Jameson and Cokes, resulting in shock and awe at the price of New York drinks at the end of the night and a wasted Jordan slurring “I’m not payin’ for any a that!”

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