Stuck in the Middle with a Bouncer

Look, man, all I wanna do is dance.

Gonna need to see I.D.

I left my wallet at home. I had to rush to change to meet my lady.

That don’t mean a thing.

Okay, look. I’ll make it up to you, somehow. Can I just check to see if she’s in there yet?

You can call her.

If I forgot my wallet, what makes you think I didn’t forget my phone?

Never gonna get anywhere with that attitude.

You’re right. Sorry.

Apology accepted.

Can I come in now?

Absolutely not without I.D.

Jesus, man I’m 28!

Take it as a compliment.

You’re gonna give me an ulcer, here. This is my gal’s favorite night of the month. She loves soul!

Fun fact.

What if I slipped you a 20?

Where’s your money?

I’m speaking hypothetically.

So am I.

…I found it in my pants pocket on the way over.

Too bad you didn’t leave a spare I.D. In there.

When’s your next open mic? I’d love to attend.

Every Thursday at eight.

Today’s Thursday.

Damn. Guess I missed it.


Thank you.

Well, it appears we’re at a standoff.

Except you don’t have a gun.

Oh, Jesus you know what?

Hey, honey!

Hey! I thought you were already inside!

No, I got a little held up at work. Plus I had to stop by your place and pick up my shoes. Oh, you forgot your wallet on the desk.

Oh, thank you! I was worried I wasn’t going to get in. Here, read it and weep, pal!

No need. I remember you from last time you guys were here.


Come on, honey!

Enjoy your night, you two.

…You…you too.

Thursdays at eight!


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