Stuck in the Middle with a Bouncer

Look, man, all I wanna do is dance.

Gonna need to see I.D.

I left my wallet at home. I had to rush to change to meet my lady.

That don’t mean a thing.

Okay, look. I’ll make it up to you, somehow. Can I just check to see if she’s in there yet?
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A Writer to Strive for

A good friend of mine has posted a fantastic tiny story on his WordPress of which I’d like my fellow followers to read and to enjoy as much as I have. So, please, indulge yourselves on this wonderful piece!

Black as The Hudson.

The Rosarita Beach Cafe

“I’m sorry, Jim.”  Annie said, in that monotone ‘I don’t really mean it, but I know I should say it’ kind of way.

“Oh, well thank you.” Jim replied, voice quavering into his cell phone and one hand on the wheel of his semi-truck filled with countless pallets of coolers.  He had been a few days ahead of schedule on his delivery, and thought it would be a good idea to stop in and surprise Annie, seeing as he was cutting through that part of the state anyway.  It turned out to be a big mistake.  “Thank you for having the courtesy to call and let me know how sorry you are, after ignoring me for the past two days!”

“Jim, let’s not-“

“Let’s not what, Annie?” Jim could almost feel Annie’s hand pressed against her forehead, and could swear he heard a faint sigh as she pulled the phone away from her ear, bored already with this conversation and debating whether or not to hang up. Jim decided he had to speak louder. “You’re the one who called me.  Did you really think that I’d be over it by now, or that I’d forgive you so quickly?  That there wouldn’t be any repercussions and you could just say you’re sorry and be done with the whole thing?”

“You know what?” Annie interrupted, “Jim!  I’m not sorry.  No, I’m glad I did it and I’m glad you walked in right at the climax.  To tell you the truth, it made it that much better.  I haven’t been able to replicate such a shaky quake like that since you left, and believe me; I tried.”
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