Barren Ground: Part 3, The Highway

If you haven’t read Parts One and Two, then you’re going to be quite lost…on an island…anyway. Here it is.

The driver pulled to the side of the road and rolled down the passenger side window. “You all right?” He asked the rider, who was still smiling as the blood and saliva dripped down his teeth.

“Yeah, haha! Damn Raccoons! Think I could get a ride to the next town over?”

“No problem.” The driver swung open the door and the rider stood for a moment, a little shaken.

“Uh…you mind if I get in the back? My legs are hurtin’ and I’d rather stretch ‘em out.” The driver paused and flashed a glance in the back before sizing up the rider. He was a scrawny looking man, and couldn’t be more than early 20’s. If need be, the driver was sure that he could take control in a scuffle.

“Sure, kid. Climb on back.”
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Barren Ground: Part 2, The Rider

If you haven’t read part 1, then you probably won’t find yourself lost on this one, however it would make a tad more sense. Here’s a primitive link to part 1

“Are you sure?” Katrina asked. The rain had let up by now, but it had left a harsh cold and Katrina held her elbows and fought her teeth’s urge to chatter.

“Yes’m.” The AAA driver said, “All we do is change tires, fill gas and offer a tow.” Katrina leaned against the wet car and stared at her feet, her sigh brought forth a white cloud and the man rolled his eyes. “All right, get in and I’ll take a look.” Katrina smiled and quickly spun around, climbing into the car as the man approached the hood. The car sputtered as the engine tried desperately to turn. When all was quiet again she heard the man’s laughter.


“Mind if I sit in there?” He asked, still chuckling. She got out and granted him the driver’s seat. He looked inside and once again broke into laughter.
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