Daddy, where does love come from?

In the beginning, there was only Chaos, and from that Chaos three things were born; the Earth, the Sky, and Love. This magical trinity was all that was needed to begin a life.

Love was the glue that brought the Earth and the Sky together, and the seeds that sprouted from their concoction began a slow descent from a paradise born of Chaos to a dystopia filled with sadness, for as the Earth and the Sky continued to make sons and daughters, including the Sea, the Underworld, Lightning and Grace, there remained only one Love.

The strong bond it created began to stretch itself thin, and the children of the land only became greedier for more.

Soon Lightning and Grace began producing offspring of their own, but since Love was not as powerful as once before, these adolescents were less majestic than their ancestors.

The lands became filled with young Jealousy, Rage, Envy, Arrogance, Paranoia, and Fear.

Love’s bonds were breaking, and yet still everyone wanted it all for themselves, and the new leaders of the free world began to fight for it, because of it, in spite of it, until finally Love could no longer take the oppression and the decadence, and split itself into Agony and Despair.

These twins born of a sweet fantasy infected the population, destroying and absorbing everything in their path.

Once again a world born of Love from Chaos reverted back into that very same Abyss, only to continue its cycle anew, with unsuspecting new innocents.


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